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One of The Best Krka
Tours from Split

A Day Trip from Split with Various Activities

Depart from Split at agreed location. The earlier the better to beat the crowds.

Park the car, time to see the ever beautiful Krka waterfalls 

Boat ride from the park to Skradin (optional)

Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant, with a free drink included!

Wine tasting in a local winery (optional): Taste up to 5 different wines while enjoying cheese & homemade olive oil 

Explore Old Town of Šibenik 

Cruise back to Split along the coastal backroads 

Stop in beach town Primošten for free time to swim & sightsee

Panoramic view stops

Return back in Split 

What Makes Touring Krka Waterfalls with DREAM Tours Unique?

When we dream, we cherish, aspire, and create a decorated world beyond our own. When you’re with DREAM, we step away from the scenes of everyday life and explore the beauties of our world in a way that makes us want to stay there forever. DREAMing on our drive to the falls will set the stage for the day.

We’ll listen to classic Croatian tunes while you relax in my comfortably controlled air-conditioned van. You’ll enjoy the mountain ranges that once protected our land from unwanted settlers. When the gates to the park open upon our arrival, we’ll drive down to the waterfalls the Croatian way, slowly, so you can take in the lake views from above.

I will guide us through the park, opposite the flow of all the crowds, giving you optimal time to take it at your leisure. Or if you wish to take the boat out of the park and walk a bit less, we can do that too. This is your DREAM! We’ll learn stories about modern men who changed our world and women who worked day and night to put clothes on their family’s backs. Every step will mark another aspect of the history and natural beauty of the falls.

When we’ve made it to the largest falls in the park, here you can enjoy the view as you wish. You don’t need me chatting up this beauty in your ear. I will be there to make sure you leave with the best photos so you can remember this DREAM forever.

Optional additional DREAMing time to relax and admire. We’ll board the boat waiting to take us through the river, right to the town of Skradin. Here we can stroll around for a bit, Skradin is very small but charming. Then we’ll head to a family-run restaurant for local authentic food from the region. You’ll enjoy a typical Dalmatian meal that pairs perfectly with your salad and wine. A variety of homegrown local food will be available.

Post-lunch and with a full belly, it’s time for wine tasting. This is optional and only for big wine lovers. This family-run winery harvests and bottles wine and liquors from their vineyards. You’ll enjoy 4 to 5 samples served by the professional sommelier, myself. 

Next, we’ll head to the Old Town of Šibenik with its amazing cobble streets, unique artistic bars, dozens of churches, and of course, the Cathedral of St. Jacob, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Let’s not forget about enjoying the best coffee and locally made ice cream as well.

On our way back to Split, we’ll end the day with a stop in the picturesque town of Primošten. Here you’ll ease the day away with the sweet sound of the sea. You can enjoy a cocktail, espresso, or swim at your leisure. Home is only an hour away, but no need to rush, keep on living in DREAM time.

Before leaving, we will enjoy the best panoramic view of the region from the top of the hill.

When the day is over and you return back to your home (roughly around 7 pm), flat, hotel, or hostel, always remember your DREAMs are never far away. Whenever you need a little escape from the day-to-day, remember the sound of the waterfalls and how they cancel out the noise of the world around you. Look through the photos and selfies with new and old friends, reminiscing on the shared memories and good laughs. All you have to do is DREAM!

Exclusive Experience for Cruise Travelers

DREAM KRKA TOUR is an ideal excursion for cruise visitors arriving at Split Port. Any of DREAM TOURS can be fully customized to meet your expectations; therefore, DREAM KRKA TOUR will be tailored specifically for cruise arrivals. DREAM TOURS offer many ideal solutions for cruise travelers visiting Split, tailoring a unique tour for cruise guests to ensure they experience as much as they can. Whether you are arriving on a cruise ship or staying longer, let’s DREAM together.

A Different Personalized Approach

My desire was to create something completely different and more intimate in terms of excursion offers, and due to the excellent reviews of DREAM TOURS, I believe I have succeeded in doing so. As someone who greatly enjoys traveling and firmly believes that travel is always more enjoyable and valuable in a private tour setting, I have opted for private tours. This approach makes it easier to get to know each other, make friends, and feel like a part of something new. Such tours are not only more flexible and personal, but they also provide you with the opportunity to make the most of your time here. Moreover, you'll have one of the best guides around!

Pozdrav, I am Petar

A licensed tour guide and the proud owner of this venture.

With 12 years of experience in organizing excursions, events, private tours, and transfers throughout Croatia, particularly in the captivating region of Dalmatia, I am dedicated to showcasing the beauty and attractions of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina , and Montenegro.

12 Years of Experience

Tripadvisor Traveler Choice Awards

Family-Owned Business

With every tour, I aim to create the dream travel experience for you. I strive to go beyond the expected, curating moments that leave a lasting impact. Whether it’s strolling through ancient streets, indulging in delectable local cuisine, or uncovering hidden treasures, I am dedicated to crafting unforgettable private tours in croatia that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Offering a Tour Guide Like a Friend

My desire is to provide tours to my guests as if they were one of my best friends.

By booking my DREAM TOURS, you won’t just secure a guide who helps make your DREAMs come true, but a local friend who will leverage all their knowledge and local connections to ensure your DREAM TOURS become memories for a lifetime. By booking my DREAM TOURS, you’ll become Croatian through my love, passion, and knowledge of Croatia.

It’s exceptionally unique and convenient to book and organize tours directly through one person. I am the one who will create and organize your DREAM TOURS, and ultimately, I will guide you on those tours. There is no one else in between, leaving no room for mistakes. In such an organization, communication is much easier, everything is more relaxing and flexible, and it’s also much more convenient.

As the person who both creates and guides your tours, rest assured that I organize them to the best of my ability, ensuring that I enjoy them as well. 😎

That’s why we’ll be dining best local food, enjoying the finest sights, and having so much fun together. This is one of the reasons why my DREAM TOURS are so distinct and unique. Another reason could be attributed to my personality and experience as a guide. Genuine feelings and love for people, along with one goal on my tours, your HAPPINESS, are what have kept me doing this for so many years. That’s why I love and enjoy my work so much, to make other people happy and to share my love for my country and its beauty. I look forward to sharing that joy with you! Let’s DREAM together!

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